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For chamber ensemble. Performed by Studio for new Music ensemble conducted by Igor Dronov.

Beta Taurids is one of meteor streams in the solar system.

The piece is built on the contrast comparison and mutual transformation of two musical materials, being a metaphor for concentrated in one flow and rotating in time and space energy.

Born in 1972 in Moscow. Graduated Moscow Improvisational Music College, working after that as a jazz pianist. Participated in several nu-jazz, electronic and experimental projects.

Since 2003 is a Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory student (postgraduate student since 2008). In his works he combines several traditions of contemporary classical culture and non-academical musical avantgarde of the second half of XX century.

The music style of Elizaveta Sanicheva is a bizarre mix of controversies – introversive submergence into inner imaginary world and extroversive emotionality, the spontaneousness of the emotional impulses and the refined rational organisation of musical structure.

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«The most important God's gift to a human is the ability to hear your inner voice. When I write my music I feel this as a sound, not as a verb or any other thing. For me there is no other means of the creativity.»

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Alex Nadzharov composes different music, not only limited to the terms of contemporary classical music, working also as a jazz performer and electronic musician. His style can be defined as the totality of components not narrowed to music genres and the search of different approaches to the music. The author is mostly interested in detailisation inside the sound and in interaction of various music components: interaction between performers, text and its interpreter, live performer and live electronics and some else.

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Georgy Dorokhov's style is a lucky mix of rational and emotional, logical and creative aspects. Being a Moscow Conservatory student, he is already a composer with his own distinguishable style. Works of Dorokhov got several awards on composers competitions

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Anna Mikhailova composes music of different styles and sound concepts. “A way to understand the life lies through the understanding of a sound's meaning. The composer is the one giving a life to a sound”.

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Creative style of Anna Romashkova can be defined by refinement and fragile tenderness mixed with the sincereness of the feeling an a very high professionalism.

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Performed by: Natalia Reneva (harpsichord), Vladimir Gromadin (live electronics).

Nostalgia for the sincereness. For the beauty. For something plaintive. Nostalgia for love, for the joy.

Nostalgia for baroque. For beautiful instruments and performers. For beautiful acoustic sound.

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Vladimir Gromadin is primarily an electronic music composer focused on the mixture of it with the live instruments. Electronic music means for him the ability to compose something solid, not a simple connection of different style elements, but a new fusion from the smelted mass of elements.

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