Katya Kulkova – the composer, whose works are distinguished by a depth of emotions and bright imaginative sphere in combination with a high technique and clear formal structure. She is in constant search of synthesis of all the best that has been found by composers during last epoch, and the most important opening of the Newest music.

The major creative impulse for me is an interesting art idea. Each of my composition leads the life in the special world, developing under special laws, which are peculiar for its only. I always aspire, that the listeners, "travelling" on this world of sounds, constantly would open for themselves something wonderful, important, unusual…

Now I am especially involved with experiments in the field of the musical time and space: the multidimensional organization of musical material, searches of the unique palette of timbres and rhythmic structures

Was born in Ekaterinburg (1984). Graduated from the Ekaterinburg Musical College, where she studied "composition" and “theory of music” in 2003. Graduated from the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Composition Department) in 2008. Now she continues her music training as a post-graduate student of the Moscow Conservatory under Y. S. Kasparov.

Katya Kulkova is a laureate of international and all-Russia composer’s competitions, including the International Composer’s Competition Choir and Organ (Great Britain, Birmingham, 2009, I Prize), the Third Open Siberian A. Murov competition for young composers (Novosibirsk, 2003, II Prize), the First South Ural Open S. Prokofiev competition for young composers (Chelyabinsk, 2002, III Prize). Her piece Incognito for solo tenor trombone got the First prize in the International Composer’s Competition meeting the First International Competition of Moscow Conservatory for Performers on Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Instruments (Moscow, 2009). And this piece was an obligate work for the second round of the Trombonists’ Competition.

Katya regularly takes part at the International music festivals, including the Moscow International Music Festival Games without words (Moscow, 2007) and Moscow Autumn (2009). Within all five years of training in the Moscow Conservatory she often took part at the Composer’s concerts as both the author and the performer (piano, organ).

Kulkova is a member of Composer’s Union of Russia since 2009.

  • Signs of Eternity, symphony for large symphony orchestra
  • Echo of voices through time, chamber symphony № 1 for 13 performers
  • Cloud–Bird, chamber symphony № 2 for 8 performers
  • Music for string orchestra
  • Two string quartets
  • Edges of talk for flute, cello and piano
  • Sonata for cello and piano
  • Sun of the Sleepless, a series of romances on the words by V. Nabokov for mezzo-soprano and piano
  • Three choirs on the words by I. Bunin
  • Chess – a Play with Whites and Blacks for solo piano
  • Stalactites for solo organ
  • Incognito for solo tenor trombone
  • Beyond the Horizon for solo flute

  • ...

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