Mikhail Puchkov strives to stay apart the musical styles, searching that inner music he is being bound to. His search can lead him towards primitivism and «the new simplicity” or to some experiments in the electronic music. The composer by himself treats that only as a preparation to the search of his own style as a long path of studying and revealing the hidden.

Born in Moscow in 1984. Composes music since 9 years old. Studied in Moscow Scriabin Music School #23 (composition class of A. A. Tikhomirov). In 1999 he enters Academic Junior Music College in association with Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, music theory department, where he studied basics of composition in prof. K. K. Batashov's class and continued the studies in his class in the conservatory, that he graduated magna cum laude in 2008. During his studies he took part in several master-classes by John Corigliano, Rodion Shedrin, Philippe Hurel, Henri Pousseur, Jacob ter Veldhuis, Franz Pomassle, performers Marco Blaauw, Eva Furrer, musicians of Recherche ensemble.


Widely uses the art of improvisation, also during his concerts. Author of a Livejournal-project «Butterflies», where the recorded improvisations form an internet-diary. In 2006 created a project with a composer from St.Petersburg Olga Krashenko called «Bukoliki», where voice, flute and computer improvisations are mixed.

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