A traditionalist. The traditionalist. And a trombonist.

Born in 1983, Zheleznodorozhniy town, Moscow region.

Graduated Academic Junior Music college in association with Moscow Conservatory (prof V. S. Kiselev trombone class). Graduated Moscow Conservatory in 2007, trombone.

Laureate of V international young wind and percussion performers' competition (Togliatti 2002, 1st prize) and some others.

Studying composition since 2000 in K.K. Batashov's class. Graduated composers department of Moscow Conservatory in В 2008. Author of several compositions for various instruments and ensembles.

Sonatas for oboe and piano, trombone and piano, violin and piano, piano solo

String quartet

Flute quartet

Suite "Circles on water" for 4 flutes and trombone

Scherzo-suite for 3 clarinets

Concerto for trombone and orchestra

Chamber symphony for strings (incomplete yet)

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