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Instrumentation: flute, bass clarinet (in B) + sound objects, trombone + bassoon's reed, percussion, piano/sampler + sound objects, cello, double bass performer. Performed by «eNsemble» of Pro Arte institute, conductor — F. Lednyov.

Ultimate Granular Paradise is based on idea of a media to become an UltiMedia — the definitive, extreme media, a powerful tool for changing the mind.
There is no longer neither division into various arts nor separated perception. All things affect together — the Ultimedia as perpetual euphoria, as a media-dope of senses, Ultimate Granular Paradise.

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Vladimir Gorlinsky / Владимир Горлинский - Ultimate Granular Paradise

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Label presents music of Moscow conservatory's composers: contemporary classical, electronic music and avant-garde. Since November 15, 2008, 15:15.
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