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Performed by eNsemble of Pro Arte institute, conducted by — Feodor Lednev.

Composition... is remarkable by completely new feel of almost stopped time. The black hole for ear, hypnotizing by self-oscillating sonoric power.

Dmitry Renansky,

Author quotes “Future philosophy” by Stanislav Lem as an epigraph:

The Nature builds “pure language” from twenty amino acids, and every living thing expresses itself through it. This atheoretical language anticipates quantum theory of light, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, hydrostatics and God knows what else, what we do not yet know!

...and also provided a comment:

He Phone — “sounding word” on Ancient Greek, sounding code, self-generating sound matter. Music as a transition from a potential to the organized directional energy that holds in itself a material substance — the reason of itself and the aim of it's development. The music as continuous stochastic process of endless spontaneous mutations and the strict selection of them...

In the beginning was the... code.

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