Nikolay Khrust finds immanent properties of music and its hidden phenomenons. This is represented in his works by deep learning of the musical instruments and submersion into their capabilities.

Graduated Moscow Conservatory's composers department in 2007 (professor Vladimir Tarnopolski's class).
For now he is a post-graduate student of Moscow Conservatory.

Participated in master-classes of various composers and performers. In 2004 with the support of Goethe-Institute, Nikolay attended 42nd summer courses of New Music in Darmstadt. In 2006 he took part in young composers meeting in Apeldoorn (YCM 2006; Netherlands). In 2007 with several other composers he took part in a collective musical-theatre project «Boxing Pushkin» that was played in five cities including Amsterdam (Muziekgebouw) and Haague (Korzo theater).

Laureate and diploma winner of several international and russian composers competitions including III & IV International P.Jurgenson composers competition.

Compositions of Nikolay Khrust were performed by several musicians like Helen Bledsoe (flute, Netherlands), musicians of the«Studio for the New Music» ensemble, «de ereprijs», «eNsemble» and were presented on several festivals: «Klang und Raum» (Dresden, 2005), «Moscow Autumn&raquo (2005, 2006), «Moscow Forum» (2007, 2008), «Pythian Games», «Music Olympus» (2008, Saint Petersburg)

Nikolay Khrust is participant and one of the founders of the «Sound Plasticity» composers group. Various aspects of his aesthetic thoughts can be found in several published articles.

  • Quarks flavors for flute, harp, viola and percussion(2004)
  • Prometheus. Sliding time for soprano end ensemble (2004, version 2005)
  • Huivering for flute and ensemble (2005)
  • Prospettiva inversa col piano e forte for four musicians (2005)
  • Sprawling street for large ensemble (2006, version 2007)
  • Boxing Pushkin, scenes from opera (I, II, XI, XII) (2007)
  • Music for orchestra (2007)
  • Der Blick Ekharts for soprano, two violins and viola (2007)
  • Alien Grace for ensemble (2008)
  • ...

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