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For mezzo-soprano, organ, string quartet and percussion.

Performed by: State Ippolitov-Ivanov Music Institute, Maria Kondrashkova (mezzo-soprano), Garri Eprikyan (organ), Alexandr Leyer (percussion). Conducted by Vyacheslav Valeev.

Credo is composed on the request of the India delegation in Moscow. The initial concept was the synthesis of traditional Indian and European cultures. But this time I was more interested in the Catholicism and it's interaction with Orthodox culture and the Islam. And this eternal problem that is always in the focus of my works is also represented here inCredo...

Credo is a three-movement composition consisting of the several contrast episodes ranging from brutal fugue in a sort of a gigue-style (in the middle of the second movement) to muslim prayer episode is the climax of the whole piece in the third movement. The whole piece is united by a leitmotif of a transformed gregorian choral from the third part of the canonical mass's Credo. The texts are also canonical.

Performances and editions

First performance is March 2006 in Moscow Conservatory Small Hall. Second edition was performed in May 2006 in the Great Hall.

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