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Performed by Stepan Fedoseev, Dmitry Spiryaev, Timur Saifullin, Alexandr Anisimov

Author offers a wikipedia article about “Chain of dreams” instead of the annotation.

Consecutive dreaming is a phenomenon when a man sees several dreams united by one idea with the same persons involved and within the same or different conditions. Can be seen during one period, during one night.

In a standard interrupted dream the story will not continue or repeat in next one. In a consecutive dream phases continue one scenario, one story from the place where it was interrupted by awake periods. But also the exact chtonology is not obligatory in this case.

The breaks between dreams can be several days to several months or even years. The dreamer sees familiar persons or places he had already seen.

The same effect can be found in intentionally programmed dreams. That's why this natural consecutive dreaming should be a separate subject of the research.

The examples can be seen in arabic and chinese mythology and also in contemporary mystic literature.

Wikipedia (in Russian)

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