Georgy Dorokhov's style is a lucky mix of rational and emotional, logical and creative aspects. Being a Moscow Conservatory student, he is already a composer with his own distinguishable style. Works of Dorokhov got several awards on composers competitions

Born 11.04.1984 in Tomsk where he had carried out his musical education as a violinist and composer at the Edison Denisov Music College. In 2002 Georgy won J.-S. Bach International Competition Award as a violinist. Since 2004 he is a student at the composition department in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory prof. Vladimir Tarnopolski's class. His works have been performed at the International Festivals of the Contemporary Music devoted to the memory of Edison Denisov in 2003-2006. In Moscow Dorohov's String Trio had been performed in program of the 2006 Moscow International Festival “Edison Denisov Space”, where Georgy Dorohov was the most younger author. In 2007 Georgy wons the IV Yourgenson young composers international competition diploma and Edison Denisov young composers international competition diploma. Also Dorohov’s works had been performed in program of the second round of the young composers international competition Pro Arte (Saint-Petersbourg, 2008).

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