Anna Mikhailova composes music of different styles and sound concepts. “A way to understand the life lies through the understanding of a sound's meaning. The composer is the one giving a life to a sound”.

Born in Moscow, February 17, 1984. Graduated Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky conservatory in 2007, composition, prof. Tikhon Khrennikov class and also as organist and koto player. Now is a post-graduate student of a Moscow Conservatory, prof. Vladimir Tarnopolski
Participated in various master-classes of russian and foreign composers. Her compositions were awarded by several prizes in competitions in Russia, France, USA including 2nd prize and Tair's prize on Fourth composers competition of the France Flute Orchestra (Relictus Luminis for the organ and flute orchestra); gold medal and the laureate title on First International V. Zolotarev Composers Competition, New York, USA (2008) (The Melody of Personality for female voice and symphonic orchestra on R.Kippling text) and some others.
A member of Russian Composers Union since 2008.

Orchestra music

  • Relictus Luminis for organ and fluits orchestra (2006)
  • The Melody of Personality for voice and orchestra by R.Kipling poetry (2007)
  • SOLO for flute & orchestra (2007)

Chamber ensembles

  • How is the Singing Born nine songs on Japanese poetry for voice and viola (2002)
  • Trio for flute, basso and piano (2003)
  • String quartet (2003)
  • Flute quartet (2004)
  • Aramse piece for marimba and two tom-toms (2004)
  • Shyumbun-no hi for two Koto (Japan cither) (2005)
  • Quartet for drums (2005)
  • Music for 2 violins (2006)
  • Metamorphoses for flute and cembalo (2006)
  • Metamorphoses for 12 instrumentalists (2006)
  • Time of NDEMBU for cello & piano (2006)
  • To bow to shadow for flute & piano (2007)
  • Music Inside for 2 organs (2008)


  • The Sounds of the Sun after Konstantin Balmont poetry three poems for mixed choir a Capella (2000)

  • Fortune-teller for a mixed choir a cappella after folk text (2004)

Songs for voice and piano

  • Song on Evgeny Baratinsky poetry (2000)

  • Four Songs after Nikolay Gumilev poetry for baritone (2001)

Solo instruments or voice

  • Sonata for piano (2001)

  • Partita for organ in 8 parts (2005)
  • NDEMBUMARIMBA for marimba (2007)
  • Music Inside for electro bass (2008)
  • 10 melodies for koto (japan sither) (2008)

Electroacoustic music

  • Two acousmatic Studies (2004)

Other Projects

  • Ballet by Garcia Lorca (2005)

  • Music for film “The DOG” (2006)
  • Music for performance “Temnovishnevy sad” by A.P.Chehov (2007)

  • ...

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